Co-owned with my wife, White Dahlia Studios is one of the leading wedding photography studios in Vancouver. So when I'm not building websites, you can find me on the weekend behind the lens at weddings!

Identity Design

We needed a unique and identifiable logo to represent the company. It made sense for White Dahlia’s brand to evoke a feeling of timelessness and provide a sense of elegance. By using a traditional serif font coupled with Venetian style borders, the logo has a subtle classic and vintage touch.

Border Styling


Font Treatment

Web Design

Like most photography sites, we had to display tons of photos. Unlike the majority, we enlarged the photos as a slideshow to the full width of the page instead of placing them in a grid. It simplifies the layout so your focus goes straight to the photos instead of getting caught up in where to click.

"He's the best husband in the world!"

The Wife
Co-owner, White Dahlia Studios
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